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Gateway Gold 5 Student's Book

Gateway Gold 5 Student's Book ISBN: 9781782600961
British English

Gateway Gold 5 Student's Book

Series: Gateway Gold
Author: Greenwell, Jeanette & Lawrence, Stephen
Publisher: Garnet Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781782600961
Publication Date: 2014
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £14.50
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Gateway Gold is an exciting seven-level Beginner-Intermediate (A1-B1) course ideal for non-native learners between the ages of five and twelve. The series consists of an extensive range of print and digital resources.

Gateway Gold has a clear functional and grammatical syllabus that provides students with a framework in which to learn authentic English. There is a balanced approach to the four language skills and an emphasis on developing 21st Century skills: critical thinking, building c....
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ommunication skills, encouraging collaboration in learning and problem solving, and supporting and celebrating creativity.
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GATEWAY GOLD 5 & 6 - components

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Student's Book
Activity Book 9781782600985£12.509781782600985
Grammar Study Book 9781782600756£13.509781782600756
Teacher's Book with Audio DVD 9781782600978£25.009781782600978
Reader - Book 1 Sebastian Tidies Up 9781782601340£7.009781782601340
Reader - Book 2 Johann and the Birds 9781782601357£7.009781782601357
Reader - Book 3 Good to Eat 9781782601364£7.009781782601364
Reader - Book 4 Turtles in Trouble 9781782601371£7.009781782601371
Interactive CD-ROM (Home/Study) 9781782601494£66.00 V£55.009781782601494
Student's Book 9781782600992£14.509781782600992
Activity Book 9781782601012£12.509781782601012
Grammar Study Book 9781782600763£13.509781782600763
Teacher's Book with Audio DVD 9781782601005£25.009781782601005
Reader - Book 1 Under Sail 9781782601395£7.009781782601395
Reader - Book 2 The Boy Who Wanted to be Famous 9781782601401£7.009781782601401
Reader - Book 3 When the Bus Was Late 9781782601418£7.009781782601418
Reader - Book 4 The Story of Zadig 9781782601425£7.009781782601425
Interactive CD-ROM (Home/Study) 9781782601500£66.00 V£55.009781782601500
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