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Sunshine Gold 2 Student's Book

Sunshine Gold 2 Student's Book ISBN: 9781782601968
British English

Sunshine Gold 2 Student's Book

Series: Sunshine Gold
Author: Lorea, Marta Graciela Garcia et al
Publisher: Garnet Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781782601968
Publication Date: 2015
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £14.00
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Sunshine Gold is a three-level introductory series that takes a learner-centred approach to teaching English to kindergarten and pre-school children. The lively, age-appropriate activities, which include songs, role-plays, games and puzzles are designed to motivate children. All activities are carefully supported so that children feel successful and enjoy a sense of achievement in their learning.

Emphasis is placed on functional language, which is meaningful and useful to children. Each l....
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evel features a fun, child-centred puppet character - Baa the sheep, Rocky the racoon and Emma the elephant - who accompanies children through each unit and helps them feel safe and secure in their English classroom. The content of Sunshine Gold promotes key values such as appreciation of self and others, staying healthy, sharing and working together. There is an emphasis on cooperation and social interaction in the classroom.

Literacy skills are introduced gradually throughout the three levels of Sunshine Gold. Developing pencil control, phonic skills and whole-word recognition underpin the approach to literacy. Throughout the course, oral skills precede and support the development of literacy skills.
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SUNSHINE GOLD 2 & 3 - components

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