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British English

The New Choice Primary Dictionary

The New Choice Primary Dictionary ISBN: 9781910965306
British English

The New Choice Primary Dictionary

Author: Kirkpatrick, B, Moody, S & Abraham, E
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910965306
Publication Date: 2017
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate to B2 Upper Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £9.99
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• 8000+ entries

• Examples of words in use

• IPA and spelled-out pronunciation of each entry

• 24 pages of colour illustration

• An introduction explains key elements of grammar

This Primary Dictionary, for readers aged 7-11, has comprehensive vocabulary coverage. It is easy to use and accessible for children. It features over 8000 entries with clear, concise definitions in alphabetical order, with simple, easy-to-read numbered meanings....
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, and new definitions clearly indicated on a new line.

Guide words and headwords are in a second colour to help you find the words you need. Each entry has IPA and spelled-out pronunciation and a part-of-speech label.

Example phrases and sentences show the words in use, and multiple examples aid understanding. Labels show how a word is used: variations, common contractions, and alternative spellings are included.

There is also a helpful to using the dictionary that also explains key elements of English grammar, and there are 24 pages of informative and engaging full-colour illustrations.
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