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British English

ETpedia: Business English - 500 Ideas for Business English Teachers

ETpedia: Business English - 500 Ideas for Business English Teachers ISBN: 9781911028208
British English

ETpedia: Business English - 500 Ideas for Business English Teachers

Series: ETpedia
Author: Hughes, John & McLarty, Robert
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781911028208
Publication Date: 2016
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A2 Elementary to C1 Advanced
Price: £23.95
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ETpedia Business English contains 500 business ideas for all teachers of Business English. Clearly and concisely organised to help save teachers time.

ETpedia Business English is every BE teacher's complete encyclopaedia. Whether you are training to become a Business English teacher or an experienced BE teacher, ETpedia Business English has 500 ideas to make your lessons engaging.

This complete and comprehensive guide saves teachers time and makes life easier by collating all teac... [more]hing resources, ideas and tips into one simple-to-use reference book.

ETpedia Business English is very clearly organised into 50 units each with 10 tips, ideas and ways so you can easily find what you are looking for. On those days when you need help and inspiration for last minute lessons ETpedia Business English is your reliable reference tool.

ETpedia Business English will help:

1. trainees taking a formal qualification

2. new and experienced teachers

3. teacher trainers

4. course writers

5. materials writers [less]
What is Business English?

The key areas that make up Business English and typical BE contexts

Preparation and planning

How to carry out needs analysis and tips for planning a course

Activities for business topics

10 fun activities for 10 main different business areas

Business communication skills

Developing students spoken communication skills

Business language skills

Writing, reading and listening skills, activities and tests
Business English - 500 Ideas for Business English Teachers
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