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ETpedia: Young Learners - 500 Ideas for English Teachers of Young Learners

ETpedia: Young Learners - 500 Ideas for English Teachers of Young Learners ISBN: 9781911028215
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ETpedia: Young Learners - 500 Ideas for English Teachers of Young Learners

Series: ETpedia
Author: Reis Esteves, Vanessa
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781911028215
Publication Date: 2016
Level: A0 Starter to B2 Upper Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £34.95
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ETpedia Young Learners makes teaching English to young learners child's play. With 500 fun and creative ideas, technique and tools to help teachers of Young Learners.

Teachers of Young Learners are challenged with not only teaching but managing behaviour and making learning fun. ETpedia Young Learners is made up of 50 units each with 10 ideas, tried and tested tips and tools to help make teaching young learners as easy as child's play.

• Tips on getting to know your studen....
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ts so you can get the best from your young learners

• Discover useful classroom behaviour management secrets and tools

• Keep young learners engaged using music, stories and craft activities.
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1. Introduction:

1. 10 reasons for using this resource

2. 10 ways to use this resource

3. 10 facts about the author

Section 2: Preparation and planning

Section 3: In the classroom

Section 4: Songs, Chants and Rhymes

Section 5: Stories and drama

Section 6: Arts and crafts

Section 7: Games (TPR activities)

Section 8: Activities for topics

Section 9: Festivities

Section 10: CLIL and projects ....
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Section 11: Vocabulary

Section 12: Resources

Section 13: Technology and digital resources

Section 14: Evaluation and assessment

Section 15: Further development
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ETPEDIA - components

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