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British English

Successful International Communication

Successful International Communication ISBN: 9781912755134
British English

Successful International Communication

Author: Chong, Chia Suan
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912755134
Publication Date: 2018
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: B2 Upper Intermediate to C2 Proficiency
Price: £16.95
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This handy guide brings together theory and practice to help international speakers of English worldwide overcome communication barriers.

Have you ever felt frustrated talking to someone? Have you ever been puzzled by the way someone communicates, or struggled to understand what people really mean?

Communication issues can be amplified when communicating internationally with people who have different norms and practices to our own, thereby causing issues to escalate if they are le....
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ft unresolved.

Successful International Communication is for anyone who communicates across cultures, whether it be for social purposes, or for work, where you might be using English to play your part in an international team. Perhaps you are communicating virtually or maybe you are a globe-trotter. Or you might be a language teacher or communications trainer looking to help your learners become more reflective and effective international communicators.

Both theoretical and practical, this book is filled with easy-to-relate-to anecdotes and discussions on the use of English as a global language and the key issues of intercultural communication, as well as exploring different interpersonal skills such as relationship building and conflict management skills.

Throughout the book, there are a number of critical incidents, discussion questions and other such tasks for you (as the reader) to complete, which in the process, encourage you to reflect on your own opinions, thoughts, experiences, and possible prejudices, whilst promoting self-awareness. The book is also packed full of useful tip sections summarising key points from the practical units as a reminder of the steps to follow for successful international communication.
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Chapter 1: English as a lingua franca
Chapter 2: Intercultural awareness
Chapter 3: Building relationships
Chapter 4: Collaboration and teamwork
Chapter 5: Getting the right message
Chapter 6: Listening actively
Chapter 7: Leadership
Chapter 8: Influencing
Chapter 9: Conflict management
Chapter 10: Communicating beyond words