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British English

Learning to Teach Grammar

Learning to Teach Grammar ISBN: 9783125016286
British English

Learning to Teach Grammar

Series: Learning to Teach Grammar
Publisher: Delta Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783125016286
Publication Date: 2020
Level: Native Speaker / Teacher
Publishers' UK Price: £25.50
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Learning to Teach Grammar is the ideal companion for anyone looking for fresh, hands-on ideas on teaching grammar in their classrooms, particularly trainee English language teachers or those recently qualified looking to increase their confidence in teaching grammar.

Learning to Teach Grammar can be used both for self-study or as a coursebook for groups in training. It consists of an introduction, ten units based on specific areas of grammar, and a glossary.

Key areas of focus: How....
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to use it - When to use it - How to teach it

Each grammar unit is divided into two main areas: the first providing a brief overview of the basic rules of use of the grammar point (How to use it), its main everyday uses as well as suggestions for possible teaching contexts (When to use it).

The second offers comprehensive suggestions on How to teach it and includes:

• Practical matters: general notes on dealing with the grammar point in the classroom

• What to watch out for: advice on dealing with some of the problems learners may typically experience

• Suggestions for classroom activities: ten possible classroom activities for presenting and practising the grammar point

• A sample lesson plan: illustrating the way the grammar point can be incorporated into a lesson. A number of commonly used lesson structures are illustrated.

• A sample worksheet: that can be used in conjunction with the lesson plan

• Consolidation tasks: providing additional back-up activities for teachers themselves
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