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Pioneer C1 / C1+ (Split Edition) Student's Book (Full Version - Not Split)

Pioneer C1 / C1+ (Split Edition) Student's Book (Full Version - Not Split) ISBN: 9786180510720
British English

Pioneer C1 / C1+ (Split Edition) Student's Book (Full Version - Not Split)

Series: Pioneer
Publisher: MM Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9786180510720
Publication Date: 2016
Level: C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £24.45
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This is a new innovative seven-level series that takes students from beginner to advanced level.

All levels are based on the requirements of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages (CEFR) and international exams.

A combination of real-life language and life skills are presented and developed throughout the book preparing the learners to communicate with fluency and confidence.

What is Pioneer?
Pioneer is based on a theoretically sound and empirically orie....
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nted syllabus that covers current ELT theory and language pedagogy - developed using authentic, expert input. Our flagship course for teenagers and young adults contains specific natural language that makes the material highly relevant and engaging for the student. All levels have been classroom-tested and have been carefully crafted by taking into account the extensive feedback gathered from teachers around the world.

Thanks to its clear approach with a strong communicative focus and substantial input from the real world, Pioneer ensures success.

Why Pioneer?
• Its intelligent and appealing topics engage learners' interest and enhance their learning motivation.
• It is based on a modular approach containing short, discrete units, allowing the teacher a high level of customisation according to their students' needs.
• The course is mapped according to the Common European Framework, comprehensively developing specific linguistic competency and cross-cultural awareness.
• The content has been piloted in several schools and institutions, giving a credible stamp to the final outcome.
• Its goals-and-achievement methodology combines with a strong focus on learner psychology, ensuring that students develop self-assessment skills.
• The addition of the dynamic online components offers teachers and students access to activities which allow them to practise further using technology designed specifically for language learners.
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* The image displayed is of the main component of this series e.g. the student's book

PIONEER C1 / C1+ (SPLIT EDITION) - components

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Student's Book (Full Version - Not Split)
A (Modules 1-5) Student's Book 9786180510751£17.109786180510751
B (Modules 6-10) Student's Book 9786180510829£17.109786180510829
Online Workbook Pack (Full Version - Not Split) (Interactive eWorkbook & Printed Workbook) 9786180510744£20.859786180510744
Workbook (Full Version - Not Split) 9786180510737£17.359786180510737 Book Depository - Shop Now
A (Modules 1-5) Online Workbook Pack (Interactive eWorkbook & Printed Workbook) 9786180510805£14.609786180510805 Book Depository - Shop Now
A (Modules 1-5) Workbook 9786180510768£12.159786180510768
A (Modules 1-5) Workbook Answer Key Booklet 9786180510775£3.509786180510775
B (Modules 6-10) Online Workbook Pack (Interactive eWorkbook & Printed Workbook) 9786180510874£14.609786180510874 Book Depository - Shop Now
B (Modules 6-10) Workbook 9786180510836£12.159786180510836
B (Modules 6-10) Workbook Answer Key Booklet 9786180510843£3.509786180510843
A (Modules 1-5) Teacher's Book 9786180510782£14.759786180510782
B (Modules 6-10) Teacher's Book 9786180510850£14.759786180510850
A (Modules 1-5) Class Audio CDs 9786180510706£12.66 V£10.559786180510706
B (Modules 6-10) Class Audio CDs 9786180510713£12.66 V£10.559786180510713
A (Modules 1-5) Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9786180510799£132.30 V£110.259786180510799
A (Modules 1-5) Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM 9786180510812£24.72 V£20.609786180510812
B (Modules 6-10) Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9786180510867£132.30 V£110.259786180510867
B (Modules 6-10) Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM Version 2 9786180520750£24.72 V£20.609786180520750
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What is a Split Edition? It is the 1st or 2nd Half of a Student's Book. Ideal for Short Courses.
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