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British English

Full Blast! Plus 2 Teacher's Book

Full Blast! Plus 2 Teacher's Book ISBN: 9786180524871
British English

Full Blast! Plus 2 Teacher's Book

Series: Full Blast! Plus
Publisher: MM Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9786180524871
Publication Date: 2018
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £20.30
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Full Blast PLUS is a six-level course with exciting, contemporary topics and unique features. It takes learners from Beginner to B2 level, while demonstrating how English is used in real-life situations and enabling students to communicate fluently, accurately and confidently.

Course Features:
• Motivating and contemporary topics with multicultural and cross-curricular information
• Lively dialogues presenting functional language in real-life situations
• An i....
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ntegrated approach to the development of the four skills
• Systematic development of reading and listening skills and sub-skills
• Grammar presented and practised in context
• A step-by-step approach to writing
• Activities encouraging critical thinking and personal response
• Practical tips helping students to become autonomous learners
• A round-up section in each module providing regular revision and consolidation
• Culture and cross-curricular pages
• Songs
• A grammar reference section
• Interactive games

What's New!
• Activities designed to develop 21st century competencies
• CLIL (Content and Language Integraded Learning) lessons that increase students' opportunities to practise the English language in other fields, such as geography, maths, etc.
• A project skills section
• Videos
• A digital vocabulary list
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FULL BLAST! PLUS 1 & 2 - components

British English


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