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British English

Let's Visit England with CD-ROM (Photocopiable Activities)

Let's Visit England with CD-ROM (Photocopiable Activities) ISBN: 9788363630010
British English

Let's Visit England with CD-ROM (Photocopiable Activities)

Series: Let's Visit
Author: Ociepa, R
Publisher: Polonsky
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788363630010
Publication Date: 2016
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £29.90
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Let's Visit the England provides a bank of 15 clear, step-by-step units that present different aspects of geography, history, culture and daily life of the England. Ideal for teachers of English who seek new content for their lessons. Students benefit from developing their reading, listening, speaking, writing and vocabulary skills.

• Easily adapted for lessons of different durations
• Speaking and writing activities to develop productive skills
• Vocabulary activitie....
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s to reinforce key vocabulary items
• Extra activities to practise collocations and wordbuilding
• Hints and advice on difficult language points
• Crosswords, pictures and word games to bring fun into learning
• All texts recorded to provide flexibility for the teacher
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LET'S VISIT - components

British English


England with CD-ROM (Photocopiable Activities)
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