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British English

New Framework 1 Student's Book with Reference Guide and CD-ROM

New Framework 1 Student's Book with Reference Guide and CD-ROM ISBN: 9788466819404
British English

New Framework 1 Student's Book with Reference Guide and CD-ROM

Series: New Framework
Author: Goldstein, Ben
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466819404
Publication Date: 2008
Level: A2 Elementary
Publishers' UK Price: £27.85
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Retains all the best features of the original with more concise grammar presentation & speaking activities

Framework is a fresh, innovative and comprehensive course for young adults and adults learning English at school or in private language classes. Its easy-to-use methodology is based on engaging topics with a modern perspective, an inductive approach to grammar, constant re-cycling of vocabulary, thorough coverage of pronunciation, and a carefully structured writing syllabus. It promo....
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tes oral communication with a 'real English' focus through personalisation and discussion.

Framework has been independently assessed and benchmarked to the Common European Framework by specialists at the Testing and Evaluation Research Unit of the University of Reading. This provides an added guarantee that users will achieve a given level of linguistic competence by the end of the course.

Framework has been tested by hundreds of teachers and students in different situations, and it incorporates the latest teaching and learning techniques which really work in the classroom.

Framework offers:
Appealing topics and authentic communicative tasks which reflect real-world situations.
High frequency vocabulary and expressions exemplified by 'The Real Thing' feature.
Inductive approach to grammar with meaningful practice of new and recycled structures.
Integrated 'World English' DVD showing real people's lives and providing stimulating cross-cultural comparison.
Emphasis on learner autonomy throughout all levels, as well as a CD-Rom featuring interactive skills work, self-assessment progress tests and monolingual dictionary.

Teacher's pack consists of Teacher's Book, Class Audio CD (3) and Resource Book.

Student's Book:
• Core units with mixed skills work
• Takeaway English' sections
• 'The Real Thing' sections
• Listening Material
• 'World English' DVD sections
• 'Flashback' review units

Reference Guide:
• Grammar reference with activities
• Vocabulary reference
• Audio/DVD transcripts

• Guided writing sections
• Reading texts
• 'How to....' learning strategy sections
• Common European Framework 'Language Passport' sections
• Workbook Audio CD - Listening material

Student's CD-Rom:
• Contains all Workbook audio
• Over 110,000 references
• 105,000 examples
• 2,800 usage notes
• Extensive coverage of American English
• Self-check mixed skills activities for reinforcement and extension
• 12 self-evaluation unit tests

Teacher's Book:
• Step-by-step instructions and answer key
• Mixed-ability suggestions
• 'Making the most of it' and 'Alternatively' sections
• Common mistakes guide
• Audio and video transcripts

Resource Book:
• Resource sheets with notes and answers
• Pronunciation worksheets with notes and answers
• Photocopiable exams with answers

Class CDs:
• All Student's Book material
• Pronunciation worksheets
• Exams
• Songs
• Duration (3 CDs) 220 minutes

DVD: (Free on request with Teacher's Book)
• Video activities for home and class work
• Class exercises are integrated in the 'World English' sections of the Student's Book
• Each on-screen activity has 2 levels of difficulty

The DVDs can be used with both the original edition and the new edition.
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NEW FRAMEWORK 1 - components

British English


Student's Book with Reference Guide and CD-ROM
£27.859788466819404 Book Depository - Shop Now
Workbook with Audio CD 9788466801539£14.859788466801539
Teacher's Book with Audio CD 9788466819442£28.159788466819442
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