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Crickets 2 Student's Book with Student's Audio CD

Crickets 2 Student's Book with Student's Audio CD ISBN: 9788466824507
British English

Crickets 2 Student's Book with Student's Audio CD

Series: Crickets
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466824507
Publication Date: 2016
Availability: Usually Ships in 5 Working Days
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £30.15
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Crickets is an extensive pre-primary course, based on the constructivist approach to learning, which motivates young children to learn a second language through fun and meaningful activities aimed at fostering cognitive skills.

Crickets is designed for those schools with high achievement standards.

Crickets is an inquiry-based learning method which holds that children construct their own comprehension and knowledge of the world through experiences and reflection. The construction o....
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f new knowledge is developed through a Big Question per unit. By the end of each unit, children will have acquired the knowledge and experience that will allow them to answer the question.

In addition, Crickets integrates the natural approach, whereby children acquire communicative skills through fun activities that enable them to learn English spontaneously.

Key Features:
• Emphasis on the development of Literacy Skills, Phonemic Awareness & Motor Skills
• Includes CLIL lessons adapted to the age of the children
• Encourages interest in and appreciation of early reading with stories that are presented through Big Story Cards, Cricket Tales and extra activities in the Teacher's Resource Book
• The unique Teacher's i-solutions for the classroom provide all the digital and audiovisual material in one easy-to-access format
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CRICKETS 2 & 3 - components

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Student's Book with Student's Audio CD
Activity Pack 9788466824521£17.009788466824521
Teacher's Book 9788466824538£37.009788466824538
Teacher's Resource Book 9788466824545£26.009788466824545
Class Audio CD 8431300265875£18.00 V£15.008431300265875
Flashcards 8431300264809£43.20 V£36.008431300264809
Storycards 8431300264793£43.20 V£36.008431300264793
Posters 8431300265868£43.20 V£36.008431300265868
Student's Book with Student's Audio CD 9788466824552£30.159788466824552
Activity Pack 9788466824576£17.009788466824576
Teacher's Book 9788466824583£37.009788466824583
Teacher's Resource Book 9788466824590£26.009788466824590
Class Audio CD 8431300265905£18.00 V£15.008431300265905
Flashcards 8431300264892£43.20 V£36.008431300264892
Storycards 8431300264915£43.20 V£36.008431300264915
Posters 8431300265899£43.20 V£36.008431300265899
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