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British English

Identities 1 (B2) Teacher's Book Pack

Identities 1 (B2) Teacher's Book Pack ISBN: 9788466825726
British English

Identities 1 (B2) Teacher's Book Pack

Series: Identities
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466825726
Publication Date: 2016
Level: B2 Upper Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £24.00
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iDentities is a brand-new two-level course for adults and young adults which gives upper intermediate and advanced students the tools they need to speak, listen, read and write with greater fluency and accuracy.

The course combines high-interest topics with a rich vocabulary syllabus and clear, organized approach to grammar. Fun, varied activity types with many opportunities for personalization mean that students really learn to express themselves in a variety of different contexts. The c....
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ourse is supported by a wide range of online practice and tests on the Richmond Learning Platform.

With iDentities students will:
• enjoy learning English through motivating contemporary texts and lively activities.
• study more advanced grammar inductively, in context and focusing on usage and meaning.
• enjoy the benefits of a rich vocabulary syllabus, with meaningful lexical sets, including more phrasal verbs, presented in context.
• Make it personal with challenging personalized speaking tasks.
• learn How to say it through boxes introducing useful formulas, conversation strategies and functions.
• develop their writing skills systematically with a full page in every unit.
• watch authentic video.
• practice their pronunciation in targeted speaking activities.
• develop their speaking skills into writing through the Conversation section.
• practice the language from every unit over six pages of Workbook activities, and online with a wealth of activities on the Richmond Learning Platform.
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