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Amanda and Friends 2 Student's Book Pack

Amanda and Friends 2 Student's Book Pack ISBN: 9788466829274
British English

Amanda and Friends 2 Student's Book Pack

Series: Amanda and Friends
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466829274
Publication Date: 2017
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £22.20
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Amanda and Friends is a new three-level preschool series that aims at exposing their students to English following a natural approach. In Amanda and Friends, we offer lots of opportunities for the children to hear native speakers as well as their teacher, through songs, stories, chants, poster audios, IWB activities and videos. They won't understand all of what they hear in English, but with gestures, visual resources and tone of voice they will soon get the idea!

The learning is topic ....
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based, with key content integrated into each unit. The content chosen is relevant to the children, appropriate for their age and their interests. Moving through the course the children gradually increase their exposure to English. Just as in their native tongue, they are exposed to more language than they are expected to produce.

The course will also help develop other values in the children such as: healthy choices in relation to food, developing respect for others, understanding appropriate behaviour, having confidence in their own abilities, developing mathematical awareness while learning numbers, shapes, sizes and position; they will learn about the world around them, people, places and the environment, they will be able to express themselves artistically through art, music, movement, dance and role-play.
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AMANDA AND FRIENDS 2 & 3 - components

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Student's Book Pack
£22.209788466829274 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book Pack 9788466827737£38.759788466827737
Phonics Big Book 9788466827133£34.659788466827133
Teacher's Resource Books 9788466829076£27.009788466829076
Teacher's Audio Material 8431300292796£19.62 V£16.358431300292796
Flashcards & Dice 8431300911727£46.26 V£38.558431300911727
Storycards 8431300916050£44.52 V£37.108431300916050
Teacher's iSolutions 8431300340282£60.12 V£50.108431300340282
Posters with Poster Popout 8431300288591£41.04 V£34.208431300288591
Student's Book Pack 9788466829700£22.209788466829700 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book Pack 9788466828659£38.759788466828659
Phonics Big Book 9788466825757£34.659788466825757
Teacher's Resource Books 9788466829854£27.009788466829854
Teacher's Audio Material 8431300285927£19.62 V£16.358431300285927
Flashcards & Dice 8431300920699£46.26 V£38.558431300920699
Storycards 8431300910324£44.52 V£37.108431300910324
Teacher's iSolutions 8431300338913£60.12 V£50.108431300338913
Posters with Poster Popout 8431300288638£41.04 V£34.208431300288638
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