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International English

Achievers A1+ Student's Book

Achievers A1+ Student's Book ISBN: 9788466829434
International English

Achievers A1+ Student's Book

Series: Achievers
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466829434
Publication Date: 2018
Availability: Usually Ships in 5 Working Days
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £29.65
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Achievers is an inspiring six-level course for teenagers which combines interesting, age-appropriate topics with challenging input, practice and support, so that every student will achieve his or her best.

Achievers offers a choice of entry point (Post-Beginner or Elementary) and covers CEFR levels A1+ through C1 over its six levels.

With Achievers students will:

• develop their written production with step-by-step guidance through the writing process, and annotated mod....
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el texts in a Writing Reference

• focus on Cambridge English and TOEFL exams through exam preparation lessons

• learn contemporary, idiomatic spoken English

• prepare and carry out different ambitious, fun speaking tasks in the unique Challenge lessons
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ACHIEVERS A1+ - components

International English


Student's Book
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Teacher's Book 9788466829625£36.759788466829625
Teacher's Resource Book 9788466829762£35.359788466829762
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