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Wonder 1 Student's Book with Pop Outs & Stickers

Wonder 1 Student's Book with Pop Outs & Stickers ISBN: 9788466829533
British English

Wonder 1 Student's Book with Pop Outs & Stickers

Series: Wonder
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788466829533
Publication Date: 2016
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £25.70
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Wonder is a new six-level course for primary education.

Wonder in its verb form is to feel curiosity and be excited by something new. The noun transmits something that causes such a feeling. The methodology behind the Richmond Wonders series lives up to this definition and will provide a pleasant learning experience for both the children and the teacher.

Each unit of work is a web of different strands of learning objectives leading off from a central focus. The unit web strands int....
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erleave and interleave again with the subsequent levels to create a solid language fabric.

Key Features:
• Integrated Learning Web Approach
• Story-based learning
• CLIL and Culture Lessons
• Research skills development
• Vocabulary game generator
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WONDER 1, 2 & 3 - components

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Student's Book with Pop Outs & Stickers
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Teacher's Book 9788466829168£37.959788466829168
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Student's Book with Pop Outs & Stickers 9788466823258£25.709788466823258
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Student's Book with Pop Outs 9788466824149£25.709788466824149
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Teacher's Book 9788466824187£37.959788466824187
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Flashcards 8431300234413£59.10 V£49.258431300234413
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Teacher's i-Book - Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9788466824651£26.76 V£22.309788466824651
Posters 8431300259041£45.96 V£38.308431300259041
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