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BCRT2 Around the World in 80 Days with Audio CD (Reading and Training - Life Skills)

BCRT2 Around the World in 80 Days with Audio CD (Reading and Training - Life Skills) ISBN: 9788853016454
British English

BCRT2 Around the World in 80 Days with Audio CD (Reading and Training - Life Skills)

Series: Black Cat Reading and Training Step 2 (B1 / Pre-Intermediate)
Publisher: Black Cat Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788853016454
Publication Date: 2017
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £9.80
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It is 1872. Phileas Fogg, a precise, calm, English Gentleman lives a quiet life. That is, until he makes a A£20,000 bet with his friends at the Reform Club and begins an incredible journey. In this game of luck, Phileas Fogg learns the true value of friendship and loyalty, and that the biggest prize of all is not always about the money to be won.

The READING & TRAINING series is composed of illustrated graded readers, aimed at teenagers and adults. The readers are graded into six level....
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s - from elementary/pre-lower intermediate to post-intermediate - according to internationally recognised criteria for structural grading.

• introduction about the author and his/her times
• wide variety of interesting activities to promote understanding of the text, as well as all four language skills, lexis and sociocultural awareness and knowledge
• activities in the style of the Cambridge ESOL and Trinity exams
• informative and fascinating cross-curricular dossiers, which explore the historical and cultural background of the text
• a recording on CD of the text in British or American English, with extra listening activities
• extensive vocabulary footnotes, with phonetic transcription of more unusual words
• exit tests
• guided internet projects

An answer key and an additional exit test for each reader are available online as a PDF file at the Black Cat website. Further info on grading can be found in the 'The Black Cat Guide to Graded Readers'.

Reading develops LIFE SKILLS: the emotional, social and cognitive skills that help you meet the challenges of everyday life successfully.

• A NEW SERIES of graded readers that, through the study of foreign language, stimulates personal reflection by drawing on the Values evoked in literature.

• A NEW APPROACH to reading in line with the latest educational trends. The story unfolds uninterrupted. At the end of the text, Think invites students to reflect on the messages and values found in the story. Further analysis and exercises at the end enhance language learning.

• A NEW GOAL to put the reader at the centre, and use reading as an instrument to become "a better person", reflecting on the values transmitted by the story while learning English. At the end: a Mind Map helping the reader compare their own experiences with the values presented in the text.

What do we mean by LIFE SKILLS?
Coping with emotion
Coping with stress

Effective Communication
Interpersonal Relationship skills

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
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