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Full Blast! Grammar Elementary

Full Blast! Grammar Elementary ISBN: 9789604781676
British English

Full Blast! Grammar Elementary

Series: Full Blast!
Author: Mitchel, H Q
Publisher: MM Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789604781676
Publication Date: 2010
Level: A2 Elementary
Publishers' UK Price: £11.75
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Full Blast Grammar Book is a four-level grammar series.It follows the syllabus of Full Blast coursebooks. It can be used with any other coursebook as well.

Key Features:
• 21 units that follow the syllabus of the Student's Book
• Presentation of structures in meaningful contexts
• Clear explanations and illustrative examples
• Colourful photographs and illustrations
• Carefully graded exercises
• Communicative activities
• Oral and w....
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ritten practice in every unit
• Regular revision units
• Tests available on CD-ROM
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FULL BLAST! GRAMMAR - components

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Intermediate 9789604784349£12.959789604784349
Pre-Intermediate 9789604781805£12.259789604781805
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Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book 9789604786039£12.459789604786039
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