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Full Blast! B1+ Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM

Full Blast! B1+ Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM ISBN: 9789605097660
British English

Full Blast! B1+ Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM

Series: Full Blast!
Publisher: MM Publications
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 9789605097660
Publication Date: 2013
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £35.28  (£29.40 + £5.88 VAT) £29.40
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Full Blast! is a six-level course for teenagers and young adults with two core objectives: to develop all language skills and prepare students for 21st century global communication.

What is Full Blast!?
Full Blast! is an innovative course focused on the systematic development of all language skills.

Based on motivating material and designed with a well-balanced syllabus and clear objectives, Full Blast! sharpens students' receptive skills and empowers their productive skills. It....
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equips the teacher with a complete and flexible package of extra resources.

why this course?
Because it offers an easy-to-follow format as each module consists of clearly labelled lessons followed by a round-up section.
Because it draws on clearly presented objectives, which means that students get a sense of achievement and teachers the capacity to customise their lessons.

Because it caters for mixed-ability classes as it is developed with a multi-dimensional package of components with extension and revision activities, meaning that no student feels left behind or inadequately challenged.

Because it motivates students with engaging and contemporary topics related to their interests, and widens their insight about the world with captivating cultural and cross-cultural information.
Because it promotes learner autonomy as well as critical thinking skills preparing students for the real world.
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* The image displayed is of the main component of this series e.g. the student's book

FULL BLAST! B1+ - components

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Student's Book 9789605095208£18.109789605095208
Workbook 9789605095352£12.309789605095352
Workbook (Teacher's Edition) 9789605095369£14.459789605095369
Teacher's Book 9789605095222£19.709789605095222
Class CD 9789605095437£12.60 V£10.509789605095437
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) DVD-ROM 9789605099329£189.00 V£157.509789605099329
Teacher's Resource Pack CD-ROM
£35.28 V£29.409789605097660
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