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British English

Hi Kids! 1 Student's Book

Hi Kids! 1 Student's Book ISBN: 9789605737085
British English

Hi Kids! 1 Student's Book

Series: Hi Kids!
Publisher: MM Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789605737085
Publication Date: 2015
Level: A0 Starter
Publishers' UK Price: £14.25
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Hi Kids! is an innovative three-level beginners course. Designed for very young learners, the Hi Kids! course, which consists of three books, is sure to thrill and delight children. Its aim is to make learning and teaching English as fun and as easy as possible. Students are immersed in the language and learn English the same way that native speakers do - by listening and speaking first, before they learn to read and write.

Course Features:
• Sixteen well-organised units, each of ....
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which is clearly divided into three lessons
• Motivating topics related to the interests of teenagers and young adults
• Lively dialogues presenting real spoken English
• Special emphasis on vocabulary building
• Extensive coverage of grammar enabling learners to understand grammatical structures in context
• Systematic development of all four skills through integration
• A variety of communicative tasks
• Four revision units
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HI KIDS! 1, 2 & 3 - components

British English


Student's Book
Workbook 9789605737092£8.559789605737092
& 2 Alphabet Book 9789605737122£6.109789605737122
Teacher's Book 9789605737108£12.259789605737108
Teacher's Resource Pack 9786180501513£120.009786180501513
& 2 Alphabet Book Audio CD/CD-ROM 9789605738983£8.52 V£7.109789605738983
Class Audio CDs 9789605737214£9.48 V£7.909789605737214
Flashcards 9789605737115£23.10 V£19.259789605737115
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9789605737238£120.00 V£100.009789605737238
Student's Book 9789605737139£14.259789605737139
Workbook 9789605737146£8.559789605737146
Teacher's Book 9789605737153£12.259789605737153
Teacher's Resource Pack 9786180501520£120.009786180501520
Class Audio CDs 9789605737245£9.48 V£7.909789605737245
Flashcards 9789605737160£23.10 V£19.259789605737160
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9789605737269£120.00 V£100.009789605737269
Student's Book 9789605737177£14.259789605737177
Workbook 9789605737184£8.559789605737184
Teacher's Book 9789605737191£12.259789605737191
Alphabet & Phonics Book 9789605738754£6.109789605738754
Teacher's Resource Pack 9786180501537£120.009786180501537
Class Audio CDs 9789605737276£9.48 V£7.909789605737276
Alphabet & Phonics Book Audio CD/CD-ROM 9786180500806£8.52 V£7.109786180500806
Flashcards 9789605737207£23.10 V£19.259789605737207
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) 9789605737290£120.00 V£100.009789605737290
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