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British English

Ping Pong Starter Student's Book

British English

Ping Pong Starter Student's Book

Series: Ping Pong
Publisher: Hamilton House
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789925313402
Publication Date: 2019
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A0 Starter
Price: £18.60
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Ping Pong is a brand new three-level course for Pre-Juniors. It aims to make learning and teaching English as fun and as easy as possible. Following the lives and adventures of Max and Milly and their funny monster friends Ping and Pong, pupils are encouraged to learn English in the same way that native speakers do - by listening and speaking first and learning to read and write with phonics.

Ping Pong is an enchanting new course for very young learners taking their first steps into Engli....
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sh. As children follow the adventures of Max and Milly and their two friends Ping and Pong, they are gently introduced to their very first English words, sounds and letters.

• Ping Pong engages learners through motivating illustrated stories, songs and chants followed by enjoyable playful activities.

• Ping Pong's alphabet phonics lessons introduce the English alphabet with guidance on letter formation and sounds, and practice with key vocabulary.

• Activities are simple, enjoyable and varied, and always feasible for young learners.

• Lively, memorable songs and chants bring lessons to life.

• Stickers and cut-outs further enhance children's learning experience.

Ping Pong Pupil's Book includes:

• charming and amusing cartoon stories, songs and chants accompanied by a wide range of fun activities, games and hands-on crafts.

• simple, varied and enjoyable activities which are always manageable for very young learners.

• lessons which gradually introduce vocabulary and simple structures as well as the English alphabet and numbers.

• regular revision sections.

• opportunities for curriculum-based learning.

• flashcards, posters, audio CDs and interactive whiteboard software.

• comprehensive teacher support providing detailed instructions, keys and everything needed to ensure pupils' success at pre-primary levels.

Ping Pong Teacher's Book contains:

• clear and easy to follow teaching notes for the Pupil's Book and the Activity Book.

• detailed lesson objectives and materials guide.

• audioscripts.

• Progress Tests.

• extra activities and alphabet practice.
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PING PONG STARTER - components

British English


Student's Book
£18.60In Stock9789925313402
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