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British English

Cuisenaire Rods (Small Set)

Cuisenaire Rods (Small Set) ISBN: CUISENAIRE
British English

Cuisenaire Rods (Small Set)

Publisher: Cuisenaire Company
Format: Pack
Publication Date: 2011
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A0 Starter to C2 Advanced
Price: £22.94  (£19.12 + £3.82 VAT) £19.12
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A durable moulded plastic box. The rods compartments are marked to assist replacement of the pieces after use.

Box dimensions: 213mm x 152mm x 23mm.

Contents: 126 Cuisenaire Rods:

Quantity Length Colour

36 1 cm white

18 2 cm red

18 3 cm light green

12 4cm pink (purple)

8 5 cm yellow

6 6 cm dark green

6 7 cm black

6 8 cm tan (brown)

6 9 cm blue

10 10 cm orange

Contents generally suitable fo....
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r one pupil in the classroom. Study of certain topics will require access to additional rods.
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