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Extensive Reading Foundation 2006
Language Learner Literature Award Winners & Finalists

Every year, the Extensive Reading Foundation recognises the best new works of language learner literature in English. From readers published in 2005, an international jury have chosen the winning book in each of the 2 categories: Young Learners, Adolescents & Adults, taking into account Internet votes and the comments of students and teachers around the world.

Young Learners Winner & Finalists


Thumbelina  Winner  

Author: Retold By: Sue Arengo  Illustrator: Celeste Goulding
A retelling of the classic story for young learners of English.
Judges' Comments: This famous story is nicely illustrated. The repetitive language will be useful and appealing to beginners, making them feel comfortable with the book.
Series: Classic Tales Beginner 2  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194239189  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback

The Slippery Planet

The Slippery Planet

Author: Rosemary Hayes  Illustrator: Ian Newsham
Mark and Chen find a spaceship in their new book. But it's only a picture - isn't it?
Judges' Comments: This story is like a science-fiction movie, so will appeal to young readers in this hi-tech age. The theme is unique, and the language easily understood.
Series: Cambridge Storybooks Level 4 (Pre-Intermediate)  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9780521674775  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback

The Special Cake

The Special Cake

Author: June Crebbin  Illustrator: Peter Kavanagh
Jess makes a special cake.
Judges' Comments: This is a good story told in easy language. The fascinating and creative illustrations are a very special feature of the book.
Series: Cambridge Storybooks Level 4 (Pre-Intermediate)  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9780521674720  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback


Adolescents & Adults Winner & Finalists

The Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon Rain Forest  Winner  

Author: Bernard Smith  Illustrator: Harriet Buckley
There are more kinds of animals and plants in the rainforest than anywhere else on Earth. A quarter of all medicines in the world come from rainforest plants. But every year the rainforest is getting smaller and smaller with terrible consequences for the environment. Full of amazing facts and true-life stories, this is a fascinating profile of one of the greatest wonders of the natural world.
Judges' Comments: The language in this mix of facts and stories is well-controlled, and the information is presented with a sense of drama, going beyond cliched environmental facts. There is an excellent variety of illustration styles.
Series: Penguin Readers Level 2 (Elementary)  Publisher: Longman  ISBN: 9781405881548  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback

Ned Kelly: A True Story

Ned Kelly: A True Story

Author: Christine Lindop  Illustrator: David Eaton
When he was a boy, he was poor and hungry. When he was a young man, he was still poor and still hungry. He learnt how to steal horses, he learnt how to fight, he learnt how to live - outside the law. Australia in the 1870's was a hard, wild, place. Rich people had land, poor people didn't. So the rich got richer, and the poor stayed poor. Some say Ned Kelly was a bad man. Some say he was a good man but the law was bad. This is the true story of Australia's most famous outlaw.
Judges' Comments: This true story is told dramatically with a good choice and sequencing of the original facts, and effective use of direct speech. The illustrations are a useful comprehension aid.
Series: Oxford Bookworms Library Stage 1 (Elementary)  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194789127  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback

Within High Fences

Within High Fences

Author: Penny Hancock  Illustrator: Debbie Hinks
Nancy is a security guard at a detention centre for asylum seekers and refugees who have come to Britain to escape persecution in their own countries. Nancy thinks she has everything: a comfortable house, nice furniture, a boyfriend and a beautiful Rolex watch. Then she falls in love with George, an asylum seeker who has nothing, and her world changes completely.
Judges' Comments: This is an original romantic story with a topical theme of asylum seekers. It flows well, and you want to turn the pages. The book has a notably clean, open design.
Series: Cambridge English Readers Level 2 (Elementary)  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9780521605601  Publication Date: 2005  Format: Paperback

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