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Extensive Reading Foundation 2008
Language Learner Literature Award Winners & Finalists

Every year, the Extensive Reading Foundation recognises the best new works of language learner literature in English. From readers published in 2007, an international jury have chosen the winning book in each of the 4 categories: Young Learners, Adolescents & Adults: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, taking into account Internet votes and the comments of students and teachers around the world.

Young Learners Winner & Finalists


Dorothy  Winner  

Author: Paola Traverso  Illustrator: Alida Massari
Every night, Dorothy delivers dreams - to adults, children and even pets. Usually everyone gets the dream they want, but one dark night Dorothy can't see and delivers the wrong dreams... But in this delightful, original tale everything ends happily as a chorus of cats comes to the rescue!
Judges' Comments: Reading this captivating fantasy is like having a beautiful dream.
Series: Earlyreads Level 1  Publisher: Black Cat Publishing  ISBN: 9788853007094  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Escape from the Fire

Escape from the Fire

Author: Richard Brown  Illustrator: Mike Spoor
Time-travellers Robert and Lucy find out for themselves what the Great Fire of London was like. Helping their friends Toby and Molly to escape from the fire, they learn that history is about real people and their lives.
Judges' Comments: There is breathtaking suspense and excitement in this journey through time.
Series: Macmillan English Explorers 3  Publisher: Macmillan Education  ISBN: 9781405060189  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

Author: Hans Christian Andersen, Retold By: Sue Arengo  Illustrator: Andy Catling
A retelling of the classic story for young learners of English. Prince Harold wants a real princess, but he can't find one. A strange girl comes to the palace claiming to be a real princess, how can he tell if she is?
Judges' Comments: Children will love this humorous, delightful, and beautifully illustrated fairy tale.
Series: Classic Tales Beginner 1  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194238786  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Beginner Winner & Finalists

Horror Trip on the Pecos River

Horror Trip on the Pecos River  Winner  

Author: Paul Davenport  Illustrator: Niels Roland
Life is like a beautiful dream for 13 year old Jessica Jackins, who lives on a ranch. But the dream changes into a horrible nightmare. A gang of rustlers steals the favourite horse of one of her best friends. Worried about her own horse, Jessica decides on a dangerous plan: she'll stay up all night and keep watch on him. But her plan goes wrong. The rustlers steal her horse and kidnap Jessica, too!
Judges' Comments: This teen thriller keeps you guessing. Engaging and fun.
Series: Teen Readers Level 2  Publisher: Aschehoug / Alinea  ISBN: 9788723905390  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Author: Sue Murray  Illustrator: Sarah Davis
There are grizzly bears in Yoho National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Before Joe and Randall go walking in the park, Joe's mother tells them be careful. They should stay on the trail, stay together and never stand between a mother bear and her cub. Randall is scared. Joe thinks that's silly. But will Joe remember his mother's warning when he needs it most?
Judges' Comments: A lively story of teen angst in the face of danger.
Series: Hueber Lekturen Level 1  Publisher: Hueber Verlag  ISBN: 9783190029716  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas

Author: Daphne Skinner, Retold By: Coleen Degnan-Veness  Illustrators: Mikel Santos 'Belatz' & Javier Gomez
Everybody in Halloweentown loves Halloween - but not Jack Skellington. Every year he has to sing the same scary songs and do the same dangerous dances. He is bored with them. Then, one day, he visits Christmastown and he has an idea. Why can't the vampires, witches and skeletons of Halloweentown celebrate Christmas, too - their way?
Judges' Comments: A unique, touching story filled with humor, love and adventure.
Series: Penguin Active Reading Level 2  Publisher: Longman  ISBN: 9781405852104  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Intermediate Winner & Finalists

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot  Winner  

Author: Melvin Burgess, Retold By: Karen Holmes
Eleven-year old Billy Elliot is different from other boys. He is not very clever or good at sport. Then, one day, he discovers ballet dancing. Finally he has found something that he can do well. But everybody knows that ballet is for girls, not boys! Will Billy continue to dance? Or have his father and brother got other plans for him?
Judges' Comments: This story has strong adult themes told from the viewpoints of several of the characters.
Series: Penguin Readers Level 3  Publisher: Longman  ISBN: 9781405881760  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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River of Dreams

River of Dreams

Author: Philip Voysey  Illustrator: Elizabeth Botté
When a terrible flood hits Bangladesh and destroys their village, Khushi and her brother Mohammad are left all alone in the world. They go to the city to make a new life for themselves, but things get worse when another disaster separates sister from brother. Life on the streets of Dhaka is hard, yet in the midst of their struggle to survive, both Khushi and Mohammad also find kindness and beauty. But will they find each other?
Judges' Comments: A well-written, interesting and exciting story with an unpredictable plot.
Series: Hueber Lekturen Level 5  Publisher: Hueber Verlag  ISBN: 9783191229719  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Stories for Reading Circles Gold

Stories for Reading Circles Gold

Author: Retold By: Margaret Naudi et al
In these seven short stories there are many different answer's to life's little problems. How to plan the perfect murder - and suceed. How to choose - and keep - the perfect wife or husband. How to live for two hundred years...
Judges' Comments: A very well edited collection of stories carefully adapted from some old favourites.
Series: Oxford Bookworms Club Gold Stories for Reading Circles   Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194720021  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Advanced Winner & Finalists

Body on the Rocks

Body on the Rocks  Winner  

Author: Denise Kirby  Illustrator: Marjorie Crosby-Fairall
Cycling around the Australian holiday island of Rottnest, Becky and her friends make an awful discovery - a dead body beneath a cliff. Did the man fall, or was it murder? Becky can't stop thinking about it. Then a chance discovery about the dead man's name makes her wonder if this death could be linked to a murder that happened many years ago. Becky is determined to find out how. But as she gets closer to finding the answers, she finds she's getting into great danger herself.
Judges' Comments: An exotic locale and varied characters spice this page-turner.
Series: Hueber Lekturen Level 6  Publisher: Hueber Verlag  ISBN: 9783192029714  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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How's the Weather?

How's the Weather?

Authors: Colleen Sheils & John Chapman  Illustrator: Studio Montage
The weather on earth is always changing. One day it's cloudy, the next day it's sunny and the day after that - who knows? Meterologists are scientists that can predict the weather. But how do they do it? What causes these changes in weather?
Judges' Comments: Non-fiction that models good principles in writing for language learners.
Series: Footprint Reading Library Upper Intermediate  Publisher: Heinle  ISBN: 9781424011216  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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Ripley's Game

Ripley's Game

Author: Patricia Highsmith, Retold By: Kathy Burke
One night, Tom Ripley is insulted by a man at a party. An ordinary person would just be upset by this, but Tom Ripley is not an ordinary person. Months later, when a friend asks him for help with two simple murders, he remembers the night and plans revenge. He starts a game - a very nasty game, in which he plays with the life of a sick and innocent man. But how far will he go?
Judges' Comments: Ripley's Game is fast-paced and full of surprises.
Series: Penguin Readers Level 5  Publisher: Longman  ISBN: 9781405882507  Publication Date: 2007  Format: Paperback
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