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Extensive Reading Foundation 2011
Language Learner Literature Award Winners & Finalists

Every year, the Extensive Reading Foundation recognises the best new works of language learner literature in English. From readers published in 2010, an international jury have chosen the winning book in each of the 5 categories: Young Learners, Adolescents & Adults: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, taking into account Internet votes and the comments of students and teachers around the world.

Young Learners Winner & Finalists


Aladdin  Winner  

Author: Adapted By: Gill Munton  Illustrator: Kristin Varner
Aladdin meets an evil wizard who tricks him into finding a magic lamp. But a genie helps him escape the wizard and return home. Then Aladdin falls in love with the Royal Princess and wants to marry her. Can the magic lamp help his dreams come true?
Judges' Comments: It is amazing that this well-known story is absorbing and fun even if it is retold in very simple English.
Series: Macmillan English Explorers Level 5  Publisher: Macmillan Education  ISBN: 9780230719804  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Animals In Art

Animals In Art

Author: Richard Northcott
A look at how animals have been depicted in art through the ages, looking at cave paintings, pictures, books and sculptures with lots of exercises on each section.
Judges' Comments: Informative, educational and fun. Wonderful illustrations. A unique way of looking at animals.
Series: Oxford Read and Discover: Level 4  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194644433  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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The Owl's Song

The Owl's Song

Author: Paola Traverso  Illustrator: Daniele Fabbri
Every early morning the little birds in the wood fly everywhere to wake their animal friends up. One day a big brown owl comes. He wants to join the little birds but they do not want him, because they say he is too big and ugly and he can't sing. The poor owl hides inside an old black tree. But the night comes again and... fairies arrive. It's time for the owl to sing his song. He sings beautifully! The fairies start dancing and the night becomes magic!
Judges' Comments: Excellent art, simple story, nice repetition and rhythm, with fun animal sounds.
Series: Black Cat Earlyreads Level 2  Publisher: Black Cat Publishing  ISBN: 9788853010117  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Beginner Winner & Finalists

Just So Stories

Just So Stories  Winner  

Author: Rudyard Kipling, Adapted By: Elizabeth Ann Moore  Illustrator: Daniele Fabbri
Rudyard Kipling surprises us again with these five tales from the animal kingdom. Have you ever wondered why elephants have such long noses and why leopards have spots? Do you know why kangaroos hop around Australia? Find out how a clever young sailor tricked a whale and meet many other unforgettable characters.
Judges' Comments: These enchanting stories have the incantatory quality of oral literature and are simply a delight to read. Easy and engaging - the repetitions here bring the advantage of recycling and helping to memorise vocab. and whole chunks of language without being monotonous or patronising. Gorgeous illustrations.
Series: Black Cat Green Apple Starter  Publisher: Black Cat Publishing  ISBN: 9788853010131  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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The Game

The Game

Author: Sue Murray   Illustrator: Alida Massari
14 year old Dylan, has a passion for playing computer games. Sir Dylan fights against the guards of the evil Count Zarkan to liberate the captive Princess Zia. Game and reality mingle more and more. One day, Dylan becomes a character in the game. Will he be able to leave the game - and does he want to?
Judges' Comments: It deals with videogames, fantasy and levels of reality - themes that teenagers, especially boys, would be able to instantly recognise. There is a range of language structures employed in the story but the dialogues are alive and help make the language comprehensible.
Series: Hueber Lekturen Level 1  Publisher: Hueber Verlag  ISBN: 9783196029765  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

Author: Lynda Edwards   Illustrator: Sonia Kretschmar
Bea lives under a bridge. She watches people, but they don't look at her. Then, one day, a policeman stops and talks to her. Bea doesn't like talking and she doesn't remember much. But he is looking for a little girl, and there was a child in Bea's old life. Can she remember now?
Judges' Comments: This is suspense story where the two threads in the plot a very cleverly entwined and keep the readers turn the page until they get to the end of it. It manages to create an atmosphere and expectation using quite limited vocabulary and structure.
Series: Penguin Active Reading Level 1  Publisher: Longman  ISBN: 9781408231975  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Elementary Winner & Finalists

A Little Trouble in Dublin

A Little Trouble in Dublin   Winner  

Author: Richard MacAndrew
Twins, Andy and Mary, are in Dublin on a school trip. When Mary discovers that she has been given a forged €20 note, she thinks she knows the identity of the forger. The twins start to investigate, but it soon becomes clear that the forgers know who Andy and Mary are too.
Judges' Comments: The story features a set of twins in Dublin, in Ireland, on a school trip, and a false bank note. The clever twins solve the mystery that has an unexpected ending.
Series: Cambridge Discovery Readers Level 1  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9788483235522  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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The Black Night

The Black Night

Author: Denise Kirby  Illustrator: Ian Forss
14 year old Archie, likes drawing and painting. Although there are more exciting hobbies, he would rather be different. One evening he is painting in an art gallery, when suddenly the lights go out. Burglars have broken into the gallery. To protect himself and the art from the burglars, Archie not only uses his talent but also his courage.
Judges' Comments: The book is set in an art gallery where a robbery takes place. The taut writing and interesting characters make this book an exciting read!
Series: Hueber Lekturen Level 2  Publisher: Hueber Verlag  ISBN: 9788466816281  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule

Author: Robert Campbell  Illustrator: Arianna Operamolla
Jan makes a time capsule for her History project and buries it beside the apple tree in her garden. Then one night during a terrible storm something strange happens. Jan travels through time. Is she in the future? Or is she in the past? And how can she get back to the present?
Judges' Comments: This is a clever story of a young girl who makes a time capsule for a school project. But something very unusual happens when the time capsule actually takes her on a trip through time.
Series: Helbling Readers Red Series Level 2  Publisher: Helbling Languages  ISBN: 9783852722832  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Intermediate Winner & Finalists

The Everest Story

The Everest Story   Winner  

Author: Tim Vicary
It is beautiful to look at, hard to reach, and terribly difficult to climb. Winds of 200 kilometres per hour or more scream across it day and night, while the temperature falls to -20 °C or lower. Every year, some who try to climb the highest mountain in the world do not return. But for a century people have been coming to climb Everest - some alone, some in groups, but all with a dream of going to the highest place in the world. This is their story.
Judges' Comments: This was one of the more interesting non-fiction readers we have come across for a long time. It will be of interest to most young adult readers. Mount Everest is eternally intriguing, and here, the mountain itself is like a character from a novel. The mystery of the disappearance of George Mallory on the first British Expedition to climb Everest in 1921 is the narrative thread which links together fascinating information about the mountain and the challenge it has posed to climbers for nearly a century. Great pictures too.
Series: Oxford Bookworms Library Factfiles 3  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194236430  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Leaving No Footprint

Leaving No Footprint

Author: Retold By: Clare West  Illustrators: Kim Seng & Prashant Miranda
'Your grandmother is old,' says Mr Li to his daughter. 'She has eaten more salt than you have eaten rice.' Mr Li is cross with his daughter when she does not show respect to her grandmother, but Mr Li himself is not always patient with his old mother. She has lived a long time, and the future holds no promise for her. So she holds on to the past... Bookworms World Stories collect stories written in English from around the world. The stories in this volume are from China, Singapore, and India, and are by writers Ha Jin, Minfong Ho, and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.
Judges' Comments: Three well-chosen stories from China, Singapore and India respectively have been so skillfully adapted that little or nothing is lost from the originals. This will be a window on Asia for non-Asian readers, and a welcome reading resource for Asian students in search of something familiar they can relate to.
Series: Oxford Bookworms Library Level 3  Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780194791410  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Not Above the Law

Not Above the Law

Author: Richard MacAndrew
George Keegan, a Dublin lawyer, wakes to find himself lying in bed in a pool of blood. He can't remember what happened the night before. He soon has a clue when he sees the body of his girlfriend and colleague, Orla, on the TV news. But who killed Orla if he didn't? And why? George wants to know. And so does Inspector Sean Murphy of the Dublin police.
Judges' Comments: The stories are all very strong, hard-hitting and well expressed. Excellent use of illustrations by local illustrators.
Series: Cambridge English Readers Level 3 (Pre-Int)  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9780521140966  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Adolescents & Adults: Advanced Winner & Finalists

Dragons' Eggs

Dragons' Eggs  Winner  

Author: J. M. Newsome
Tendai comes to live in an isolated African village. Tendai is a runner, a dreamer and a storyteller. When landmines turn his world upside down, he runs, dreams and tells stories to try to deal with a terrible tragedy. A gripping story of victory over man-made evil, and of a young man who never gives up.
Judges' Comments: Excellent storyline, very good development of characters, this story is pitched not only at the right level it will also appeal to the major target group of readership, young adults. The issues in this book will have positive, lasting effects on readers. This book is hard to put down as it takes you on unexpected paths.
Series: Cambridge English Readers Level 5 (Upper Intermediate)  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9780521179041  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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A Lion Called Christian

A Lion Called Christian

Authors: Anthony Bourke & John Rendall, Adapted By: Jane Revell
In 2006, featured an extraordinary film clip that showed the emotional reunion between two young men and their pet lion, Christian, in Kenya. Before long it had been watched by millions of people all over the world. This true story, told by Christian's former owners, Ace and John, follows Christian's journey from his time as a lion cubliving in the King's Road in London to his subsequent return to his natural home in Kenya.
Judges' Comments: A moving tale which is quite skillfully written and which will appeal to young adults. Very interesting man-animal encounter which will also leave lasting impressions on young adults and the views about animals and the animal kingdom. A fascinating story of the hippy generation told for the YouTube generation.
Series: Scholastic ELT Readers Level 4  Publisher: Mary Glasgow / Scholastic  ISBN: 9781905775934  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Author: Helen Everett-Camplin
Through five different voices, this book explores the 'Two Worlds' of immigrants to Britain: the home they left and the home they are now in. The characters outline their reasons for leaving their home country and their impressions of the United Kingdom.
Judges' Comments: The story teller has shown very high skills in combining together three stories to give one complete image and has produced a very interesting story which has connections to issues that confront young people in the world today.
Series: Cambridge Discovery Readers Level 4  Publisher: Cambridge University Press  ISBN: 9788483235638  Publication Date: 2010  Format: Paperback
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